The big bad wolf

This is my very first photoshop project outside of school. i have followed Rafy A from youtube´s video. He made the origional one and i have tried to copy his. I know I have made some mistakes, but for a first shot at this I think its pretty good.

This is the making of the origional one by Rafy A

It is made with 5 pictures and a lad of shading and coloring.

If you want to make it yourself or just want to know what I did lower your eyes and read the instructions… Just fast information. Everything that is written bold is a tool, adjustment or another thing that can be found in photoshop.

Step 1, Background. Make sure you know where the lights gonna hit and how the main figures is gonna look like. It will make everything easier. Now get the ground in and remove the sky from the ground since you arent gonna use it. To remove the sky I use Gradient Tool as shown in the video then make a solid dark grey background layer. After the sky has been removed you can drag the sky you want on the artboard. Make sure it stays under the rocks in the layer panel. By having it under the rock layer the transition will be much better.


Now warp your sky. Warp the two top corners left and right to get a feeling of a busy sky.


Sted 2, The big bad wolf. Open the wolf in photoshop and start removing the background so you only have the wolf left. Remember the removing happens in the Mask so you dont remove something you needed. You can use Pencil, Lasso or Pen tool. Make sure you remove an inch of the wolf so you do not get any unwanted light or shade.

To “recover” lost fur just use the Redifine Edge Brush  to make the lost fur. Color the edges the same color as the one besides the edge to make it look real. Use Pencil for the coloring. Remove any noise. Now that the edges looks fine, drag the wolf onto your artboard. Just to get the tail and other fluffy places right with the fur, take the Smudge Tool and start dragging to fur out. Look at the video for further explenation.

Step 3, Combine. Good. You have the wolf, background and the sky. What now? Making it look real. Place the wolf as you want, but make sure it almost “reach” the sky and it is standing on solid ground. When it is in position make a Curve adjustment. Adjust the light and the shadows of the wolf to make it blend in. It might not look completely real by now but remain calm. Next thing is to make the blue “smoke”. Simpely take your Pencil and detect the blue color in the sky. Turn down for the Flow, Opacity, Harsness and turn up for the size of the Pencil. Make the wolf as cold as the sky sort of say.


Now you gotta do the same for the background. Make some “smoke” where the sky mets the rocks. It gives the image a mystery/fantasy effect.


Step 4, Red Riding Hood. As written it is time for The Hood (i am sorry XD). Again open up in photoshop (suprise!) You gotta remove the background and make sure you get real close to her. And again drag her onto your artboard but before you shrink her make the hair. The same way as the wolf. You decide how you want it.

(pics before/after)

Adjust the Burn and Dodge. To do that make a Clipping Path (maybe?), make it 50% grey and make it as a Overlayer. Make a nice shadow on her and remember where the lights hits and where the shadow should be.

Step 5, Shadows. You got one guess what you are about to make…

Make a new Layer over the wolf and the hood. Take your Pencil Tool and just like the smoke you start painting the shadow. Make sure you follow the structure of the figures. If possible make the wolfs legs in the shadows to make it extra real. Remember to make it a bit darker just right under the paws and under her boots and let is fade out the longer it gets.

(pics before/after)

And if you feel like the wolf and hood need some shadow, feel free to make them. just make sure that its in a new layer ONTOP of the wolf and the hood.

Step 6, the light. Suprise! you reached the light (hehehe). New layer, under the wolf layer. make sure its set as overlayer (maybe?) new grab your pencil and select a light blue color, turn down for opacity, flow and harsness (spelled) and start making the light on the left side of the wolf, and if your where smart you made a shadow on the right side of the wolf to really make a dimension.


Just to really get a feeling of the sun, make a new layer under the wolf and take a orange color brush and do the same tning agian but on the right side of the wolf. Dont over do it. Its just to get a feeling of the sun.

Now we gotta reflect the blue and orange light of the wolf.

Create a clipping mask on the wolf. Make sure its set to screen and NOT overlayer. take the blue color and start paint the edges on the wolf thats supposed to be light. Agian dont over do it.

Do the same for the orange part. Paint the tail and the legs a bit orange to really get a warm feeling.


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