Within these pages you will find my work. There’s a lot of categories but my job is really wide. Some might be empty at the moment but fear not! i will update once in a while with some new stuff for you.

These under menues has their own catagory and under them layes my favorite work in that catagory.

First is InDesign. This is my paper/physical work. Magazine, posters, books and so on.

Adobe XD. Adobes new UI, mockup, app developement program. Heres some work from the company i work for: Brüel & Kjær.

Illustrator. Always a classic one. Heres a lot of icons for my work and in general a lot of vector.

Photoshop. Picture treatment of course. A lot of fantasy pictures and in general how to photoshop pictures.

Photograph is a part of Photoshop actually. This is where The photos i have taken is.

Dreamweaver is were my HTML and CSS work is. There you will find my most succesful homepages and designs.


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