Cheese Train

I have this colleage whos hobby is this german trains and he asked me if i could make this logo for a cheese company in Denmark. Of corse i could!

I got a picture I could get inspired by. Everything is vector graphics.

The man who prints these things out gave me a guide for how to make AI fills for him. everything thats gonna be white has to be made black, space in the document you deliver is not somehting you throw around with. All the things has to be perfect aligned next to each other so you dont waste preacious paper.

I was told that the font was something i could choose (insert font name) and after many tries with getting the header to bend it worked. I used (toolname) to do that. When its perfect aligned you create outlines so the machine thats gonna print it can detect it. If its just the font it is gonna ignore it for some reason.

The cheese logo is vector graphic aswell. I got a picture of the logo that is hanging on the store in Valby. Pentool is the only way here. Remeber to think of the Stroke but the rest is easy to figure out.


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