About me

Hey and welcome so far.

As you may have discovered this site is my portfolio and my show off for work related stuff.

My graphical work started in 2015 but the creative started the day i was born. I have always been creative. Always had the support from my parents except when i started to draw on the walls. That’s when my mom got me a very large canvas so the walls would stay white.

In my “teenage” years my drawings started to get realistic. And this is one of many

But when I got a little older other things started to get interesting. Apparently you can draw on a pc instead of paper!

I started to study as a graphic designer at Next KBH in 2016 just after primary school. There my journey began with the online drawing. This is what I made as my very first photoshop “drawing”. Again many more to come.

Since June 2017 I have worked for a company called Brüel & Kjær. They make sound and vibration equipment. A lot of the things are used by companies like Sony and jabre to insure the the sound is perfect.

latest project has been designing backgrounds for there new software BK COnnect And some of the ideas is one this site.

basic info about me: Me
Born in 1998
Finished primary school in 2015
10th grade from 2015 – 2016
Worked in a bakery from 2015 – 2016
Own a horse from 2015 – now
Graphic designer 2016 – now ( finish in 2020 )
Brüel & Kjær from 2017 – now

Can’t wait to get some more experience on this list. More will come I am sure of that, it’s just a question of time.